I am a core developer on the Volatility Memory Analysis Framework. Volatility provides the ability to analyze physical memory captures from Windows, Linux, Mac, and Android computers and devices. It also has deep malware analysis and detection capabilities built into the framework. Volatility has been cited in numerous academic and industry research papers and is often used to demonstrate and document the capabilities of high profile malware samples.
Registry Decoder
I am the co-developer of Registry Decoder, which is an open source forensics tool that automates the acquisition and analysis of registry hives from Microsoft Windows computers. It was initially released at Blackhat Vegas Arsenal 2011 and the standalone executable been downloaded over 15,000 times since then. Registry Decoder has been featured in numerous online articles and research conference presentations and was nominated for “Forensics Software Tool of the Year” at the 2012 Forensics 4cast awards.
The offline analysis version of the tool can be found here.
The live acquisition version of the tool can be found here.